The Esper Saga


Long ago, the people of Terra was without Magi. The land was filled with it, in the water, in the air, in the very earth they plowed. The people however had very little understanding of Magi. Strange beings, of mystical powers, visited these people, from a distant Land.

These beings discovered that the local people had the potential of Magi within them, seeing that this had already caused problems, due to illknowledge of what it actually was. The beings, known as Espers, decided to teach the people about the Magi. How to interact with the land itself, how to master the power within.

Some could not handle the power that was awakened. Therefor it was decided that a group would be formed. A group with of individuals with unique, and powerful Magi. To control, and take action against, strong, chaotic Magi. This group was only supposed to move for the world, never for a single part of the world. This group came to be known as the Kardus.

How ever, as with all great powers… It gave birth to a greed. Leaders who had power, wanted more power. They even started investing in something that came to be called “Weapons”. Manipulated Magi for the soul purpose of being used as weapons in combat. Magi, otherwise natural and wide, and used for the good of the land, became feared as weapons of destruction.

A great war broke out, between the leaders of the larger countries, of the world. The Savage Lands, The land of Trakonia, Gulag, the land of Fuuka, where among the more powerful.

The current members of Kardus started arguing about whether or not they should intervene. After many months of back-and-forth discusions. Their leader, Alexius, half-Esper and weapons master, decided to, with or without the aide of the rest of the Kardus, stop the war.
Four out of the 9 other Kardus joined him.

Together they managed to stop the war, before the world was beyond repair. The world appointed Alexius to be the leader of the parlament that was created in the wake of the war.

Alexius ruled well, how ever it became clear that he needed more and more power, to stop corruption from happening. In the end, it seems the Emperor, as he came to be known, had been consumed by greed.

An other war broke out. Not a war of the worlds, but a war between the 9 Kardus and their leader, The Emperor Alexius.

As the story goes, even the Espers had a hand in the defeat of Alexius, at The Phoenix Mountain.

The Saga Begins

In the wake of a great war, that threw the world into chaos and divided leadership, a group of select individuals traverse the world in their fight against unatural Magi influences.

The past drives them, but the prospect of a future compels them.

One driven by distain for what the Human world does with the Magi, the Espers gave them.
The other by the vague and painful memories of what evil scientists did to her.

A head of them lies only hardship, behind them, a great secret that is about to be revealed, piece by piece…

The Esper Saga

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