The Esper Saga

Interlude in Pandemonium

In which Gehenna speaks with Sarasvati, and Gwendolen fears the bunny.

Now, in Pandemonium there are many rooms, and the Espers bade the heroes to stay there and rest, for there was a great many things that must be dealt with. Now that Alexander no longer had the seven stones, he would have to try some other means to reach apotheosis, and for that he must wait for the planets to align. For once, there was no great hurry.

There were other matters at hand, however – some of Alexanders’ power was still imprisoned in thaumarecorders, and Odine also told Gwendolen, of a camp where the remaining members of the R-Series would be trained. Maybe it might be best to liberate them, before they were fully trained soldiers in Alexius’ army.

The most pressing matter, however, was the rebellion of Sarasvati. The Espers were not sure, what to do with the rebellious child – so they asked Gehenna to speak with her. While the woman remained frozen in ice, he had words with her. They spoke for a long time, about their parents, their rivalry, and of their envy for each other – but Gehenna explained, that it would not be right for them to hate each other. Winter does not hate summer, nor summer winter; they struggle because it is in their nature.

Perhaps Sarasvati learned something from this talk. When it was finished, Gehenna left for his fathers’ hot springs, to compete with his brother Zochaan.

Gwendolen, meanwhile, went to explore the home of the mighty Esper, bringing Ryana with her. She saw a strange shape in the smoke, and thought it to be a bunny. Bunnies are the subjects of Carbuncle, Jessica’s mother – so she thought to follow the white rabbit, in the event that it led to the Esper of Woodland Creatures – thought dead, but perhaps just missing. Alas, it was not what she thought; as Angela would later explain, it was a horrid undead creature, which the toughest children of the Espers would hunt and fight as part of their trials. But Gwen did not know this.

She was interrupted in her search, however, by a subject of Ifrit. Had the mighty Esper not intervened and smashed the offending fire elemental to ashes, there might have been a fight in Pandemonium that day. But there was not. Ifrit saw Gwendolen’s great strength and bravery, though, and was impressed.

Gwen and Ryana returned with Angela to visit Titan’s Tavern, a strange building constructed by the great Esper of Strength. On the way there, Gwendolen learned of the undead bunnies, and promised to stay away from them henceforth. They met Gehenna, and soon they all installed themselves in the great rooms, where half-Espers would sometimes stay as guests of Titan. And soon, they were fast asleep.

But in their dreams, they had visitors. Siren came by Titan’s Tavern, and with her strange magical harp, she wove for them a vision…


MrGreany Riklurt

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