The Esper Saga

Interlude in Taribia

In which Gehenna repairs a sanctum

Angela explained that she had been infiltrating Alexius’ ranks this whole time. Palom was old, and already dying from the Magi coursing through his body; his death had been a necessary sacrifice to maintain the charade, and also to find a weapon that could be wielded against the Emperor. True, the blade had absorbed Palom’s soul and could be used as a key to open the gates of Heaven; but it had also allowed her to absorb the power of Phoenix, which is the only weapon that could be used against the Emperor.

None of the heroes quite trusted her, so they pressured her for information they could use. She revealed this: That Sarasvati had kidnapped her mother Shiva and taken her to the Center of the World, there to attempt to re-awaken Leviathan and – in league with the emperor – steal the sleeping Espers’ power.

Having told them this, Angela disappeared – giving them one last warning that they had very little time. Thus, they devised a plan to reach the ocean at the center of the world as quickly as possible – Gehenna would take the half-Espers back to the Lost Sanctum, where he would repair it using his newfound powers. If successful, the resulting Magi backlash throughout the Gulag Blizzard would activate the old Warp Zone, allowing Gwendolen and Ryana (along with Ma-Ha-Sutra) to ride it back to the Land of Fuuka. The Half-Espers could travel alongside a true Esper from Sanctum to Sanctum using the old secret paths established by Ifrit and the other Eidolons, reaching the Sanctum of Phoenix and Momo, the dragon. They would then re-unite somewhere in the Land of Fuuka, as the Sanctum and the Warp Zone were only about a day’s travel apart.

Said and done. Gehenna took Leesa and Jessica to the Sanctum, trekking across the blizzard, while Gwendolen and Ryana found and repaired the old Warp Zone in Taribia, replacing some missing stones. After a brief conversation with Ramuh, Gehenna repaired the Sanctum by unleashing his awesome power, lifting the curse of Shiva’s daughter without triggering the volatile mountain. Gwendolen, Ryana and Ma-Ha-Sutra threw themselves into the vortex of Magi opening up inside the Warp Zone, and were carried to the Land of Fuuka. Gehenna, meanwhile, had a warm bath – before he took Ramuh’s hand and traveled alongside him on the secret paths, that only the Espers know.


MrGreany Riklurt

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