The Esper Saga

Siren's Vision

In which the past is revealed.

The following was revealed to Gwendolen and Gehenna in a vision, granted by Siren. During this vision, Gwendolen’s consciousness resided inside Palom Zeromus, while Gehenna’s resided inside Juutila Dawnshire.

Long ago, the five nations lived together in harmony – then everything changed when the Fuuka Empire attacked. Only the Kardus, masters of all forms of Magi, could stop them – but when the world needed them the most, they vanished.

Years passed, and Palom Zeromus discovered a new Kardus, a swordsmaster named Alexius. And though his Magi-bending skills are great, he still has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone. But Palom believed Alexius could save the world.

On the same day he discovered Alexius, Palom also found a young girl – cursed with strong poisonous Magi, so that her touch was deadly. Her name was Juutila Dawnshire. Palom gave her a pair of gloves, capable of containing Magi so that her powers would not be quite as dangerous, and told her that if she willingly joined the Kardus, he could train her. She accepted.

Together with Alexius – at this time a mere soldier – they set out to stop a gang war in Alexius’ home town. Between the three of them it was an easy task, and they easily threatened the gangs into submission, warning them that the Kardus had returned.

Alexius was unwilling to leave his home at first, but Palom persuaded him to try and make a difference on a grander scale – so they travelled to the then-capitol of Fuuka, XXXVILLE. There, they planned to find out what the Emperor intended to do with all the money he had earned from his raised taxes. Juutila investigated his archives, and found that they contained references to archaeological digs; this greatly disturbed Palom. The biggest excavation seemed to be under the great Coliseum that was being constructed, so Palom contacted the local underground resistance, and bade to use their secret tunnel. By means of his mastery of the elements, he extended the tunnel into the caves underneath the Coliseum – and there, they found something quite disturbing.

There, beneath the Coliseum, was a massive glass tube marked “Siegg”.

Palom’s suspicions were confirmed: Siegg was still alive. Palom told his companions what he knew: Siegg had once been an Esper, but he had been banished from the Esper Realm, caught somewhere in a strange in-between state. He had been experimenting on humans and half-espers, and for this the Espers had banished him – but when his evil experiments continued, the Kardus had hunted him down and imprisoned him. Since then, the imprisoned Siegg had apparently been stolen – by the Turks.

Just as the vision ended, Diablos appeared in a strange vision, telling the tale of the Espers of Truth and Reconciliation. They had both betrayed their natures, and for this, changed into something else. One of these was Siegg; the other’s identity was unclear, but could perhaps be Carbuncle.


MrGreany Riklurt

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