The Esper Saga

The Acampemy

In which the Living Weapons are set free

It was a normal day in the training camp for R-Series Weapons, when the shadow of a dragon swept over their heads. From this dragon fell Gwendolen and Gehenna, like the fists of an angry god. Gwen landed in the middle of the camp, declaring freedom or death to each and everyone there. Some hesitated, a few broke free, but four turned to fight, recognizing the two as enemies of Siegg. These were: Serphenthos, the Son of Siegg, who had received the dubious honor of being R-1. Lethina, the Daughter of Bahamut, who had been the second subject. Remus, the Duelist, the fourth, and Mileina, the twelfth. They were the only ones unaccounted for among the original fifteen Weapons.

Serphenthos declared his undying loyalty to his father, and so, Gwendolen attacked him relentlessly, throwing herself in the midst of four very dangerous foes. Gehenna, meanwhile, rained down fire and flame upon them, confident that Gwen would avoid it. She did, but both Serphenthos, Lethina and Remus attacked her, and the combined skills of all three proved overwhelming. She was struck, cut, and stabbed, yet kept on fighting. Before long, Remus had been slain by hellish flame, and Serphenthos’ beard was on fire. Mileina tried to attack Gehenna, but he did not even notice her.

Serphenthos and Lethina realized that their strength as Living Weapons would not be enough. On the bearded man’s command, they each unleashed their potential as Children of Espers. Lethena grew wings of leather, and Cerphenthos turned into a tall, gaunt demon, drawing his Siegg-forged sword and turning it on Gwendolen. The result was disastrous. He barely had time to hit her, before his head violently burst into flame – courtesy of Gehenna, who had used his beard as a fuse.

The Siegg-forged sword did not attack the body, but rather sought to slay and subjugate the mind. The effect on Gwen was rather unexpected. It stripped away her conscious faculties, reducing her once more to a snarling monster. Although Gehenna had already defeated Serphenthos, Gwen fell upon him and destroyed him utterly, turning the power of his sword against him to break his mind with seven years of torture. When Serphenthos died, Lethina was snapped out of some kind of hypnosis – she had been his unwilling slave, and was finally free. Mileina gave up of her own accord – Gehenna still hadn’t even noticed her.

Keith, however, had failed to defeat Tony, and he was far more dangerous. Arriving at the battle field, the Iron Fist, the sixth of Kardus, turned his fists against Lethina, and beat her senseless for her “betrayal”. With combined forces, however, Gwen, Gehenna, Ryana, Leesa, and Jessica were able to bring him to his knees, and he fled.

The heroes pursued him into the basement of the Academy, where he fell down at Elizabeth’s side. The two were lovers, and now they were doomed – Siegg had installed a killswitch in them both, which guaranteed their death if they failed in battle. He pleaded for a last moment together, and it was granted. The two died in peace.


It was with much surprise, that Gwendolen learned who the inhabitants of the Acampemy were. Many were young R-series members, or else prospective recruits for the horrible process of transformation into a Weapon – but some were mere servants and attendants, and these had been taken from Ruhenheim, Gwendolen’s home town. To her surprise, she saw neighbours and acquaintances, and finally learned her age. She had been kidnapped from Ruhenheim at the age of seven, and it had since been seventeen years.

More dire news reached her ears, however. Her family was not among the citizens of Ruhenheim. Her father was dead, slain by SOMEONE. Her mother, however, had been taken by a band of black-clad Turks, a special secret division that Gwen dubbed the Jerks – but a greater surprise to Gwen’s ears, was that her sister had also been kidnapped. She had never met her sister, or even been aware that she had one, but apparently the Jerks believed she was the child spoken of in some obscure prophecy, a child of great power. To this end, they had taken her from Ruhenheim, and the inhabitants knew not where.

Gwen turned to the surviving members of the R-Series. She instructed them that they were free, but that with their power came certain responsibilities, the first of which was to take care of the good people of Ruhenheim. Anyone who used their power for selfish gain, who became a monster, an oppressor, or a tyrant, she would find, and kill. Only one dared stand against her: Sabin. His loyalty to Siegg was unwavering, and so, she threw him into a volcano of Gehenna’s making. He died in agony, never knowing the taste of freedom.

Gwendolen now asked her friends for help – to set out and save what remained of her family. It was all she had left to do, before the final battle against Alexius Bane and Professor Siegg. Her friends granted this request, and they journeyed north – into the forests of the Savage Land.


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