Eidolon Esper of Darkness


Diablos is an Eidolon of nearly unimaginable powers of Darkness.

What is known so far is that he has some pretty potent teleporting abilities, concealment abilities, but also abilities to appear as a shadow.


Most of Diablos history can be found at Diablos .

Diablos was next seen saving Doctor Ogawa Beatrice. To everyones surprise, seeing as an Esper betraying their kind, was something that since long unheard of.

Diablos has appeared in front of our heroes, giving them vital clues. And Diablos has never actually taken action against the Heroes, which could be because then the other Espers would be able to intervene. How ever, seeing as Diablos managed to defeat Ifrit and Odin on his own, this is hard to believe.

Currently Diablos’ goals are still dubious at best, but our heroes will press on…


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