Definitely not a conjurer of cheap tricks.


Body: 5
Mind: 6
Soul: 7


Powerflux: Fire 3/15
Powerflux: Darkness 2/10
Energy Bonus 3/6
Resistance (Fire -2) 8/14
Mind shield 2/4
Aura of Inspiration 1/4
Divine Relationship 2/4
Extra Actions 1/15
Extra Defense 1/5
Special Defense: Heat 2/4
Supersense: Darkness 2/4
Sixth sense (+2 range) 1/3
Organizational ties 4/8

Block Power: Nullify 2/4

Pocket Dimension 2/8

Ranged Attack: Elemental 3 / 9
Melee Defense: Elemental 3/9
Ranged Defense: Elemental 3/6

Combat Techniques 3/6 ( Hardboiled lvl2, Multiple targets)


Normal Weapon Level 3: Fire (Insidious 5, Range +2 + 3 Continuing) 8
Primary Weapon Level 5: Flames of Gehenna: (Insidious +5, Depelete -2 (costs 1EP), Homing +3, Range +2 Continuing + 3) 21
Fire Aura: Weapon Level 3: Insidious +5, Aura +3 Area2(3m) 8


(Total 177 Points)

-Acrobatics() 2 / 6
-Domestic Arts (BBQ) 4/ 4
-Languages (Deana) 1 /1
-Intimidate (Fire) 4 / 8
-Etiquette (Espers) 3 / 3
-Persuasion (Obey me!) 2 / 4
-Stealth (Darkness) 3 / 6
-Occult (Espers) 3 / 6


Marked -2 (Burning)
Less Capable (Soul, Minor): Empathy: lesser beings -1 (Subtract 4 from rolls to understand lesser beings)

Features: Fiery Temperament + 1

2 Points recovered


+ 10 points from Unknown power

404 of 432


Gehenna is the child of Ifrit, Eidolon of Fire.
That is what he is, and how he identifies himself in the great scheme of things.

Having grown up in Pandemonium, the great Sanctum at the center of the world, Gehenna was raised by the espers there and learnt their ways.
He was taught about the history of the world, both that of the Espers and that of mankind.
But the more he learnt about mankind, the less he cared for it.
Their constant wars, lies and power mongering disguted him, to the point of him loathing his own human side.

He reflects upon his mother with a mixture of contempt and regret.
His mother died giving birth to him as his still unharnessed fire burnt her from the inside.
He knows little about his mother except for the nature of her death, his father never told him and he never asked.
His mother’s comparative weakness was for a long time representative of how he viewed humanity at large, which added even more uneasiness about that side of himself.
And, being his father’s son, he quickly came to the conclusion that he should purge that weakness from him with fire, and he has pursued this goal since childhood.
Something his father had planned to regardless of whether or not Gehenna wanted to or not, using Tough Love to its logical extreme.

News from the human world, especially those concerning the experiments by Professor Siegg convinced Gehenna to leave the sanctum and deliver judgement on the mortals in the esper’s name.
Although very much rough around the edges, Gehenna is a good person deep inside. He is however definitely not a nice person, and will go to any length to pursue what he thinks is right.


Gwendolen – The first human to prove that not all of them are bad. Although still convinced that the majority of humans are, Gehenna consider Gwen as a proof that mankind is worth protecting and is the only human he would deem to call friend (if only to himself).

Ryana – Very distant relationship. Having gotten off on the wrong foot initially, there is still some distance between he two. Overtime Gehenna has learnt to trust her, but that is about as far as their relationship goes.

Leesa – The most important member to him in the group. Although somewhat begrudgingly at first, Leesa has become somewhat of an adopted daughter to him.

Regrettably for Leesa, Gehenna learnt about parenting from Ifrit… He accepts, although reluctantly, Gwen’s help in this, though he thinks she is being too soft on her. He is her Guardian, and he takes on that role very literally.

Jessica – Although initially very suspicious of Jessica’s powers, he grew to trust her and when it was revealed that she was also a half esper, Gehenna decided to be her Guardian as well. Although not at all as close as his bond with Leesa, Gehenna would gladly give his life to save hers.

Sarasvati – A hate/hate relationship. Although never having met her until recently, Gehenna has taken her betrayal very personally. Although their rivalry comes as naturally as breathing, he feels personally betrayed by her defection. He wants to respect her as a rival, but her actions prevents him to do so.

Odine – Odine is Gehenna’s geeky friend. Despite having very little in common, Gehenna view Odine as something of an older brother and one he has a great deal of respect for.


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