Resident Cute Bruiser


Body: 7
Mind: 4
Soul: 7


Superstrength (Permanent -3) 3/21
Damage Conversion 3 / 30
Armour (Homogenous +4) 6 / 16
Jumping 2 / 4
Resistance 3 / 6
Special Defence 4 / 8 (Heat, Cold, Poison, Disease)
Special Movements 5 / 10 (Fast, Balance, Brachiation, Slithering, Cat-Like)
Heightened Sense 1 / 2 (Smell)
Mind Shield 4 / 8
Heightened Awareness 2 / 4
Power Flux: Adaption 1 / 10
Extra Defense 1 / 5
Tough 2 / 4
Extra Energy 3 / 6

Features 6 / 6 (Animal Affinity, Appearance: Cute, Eidetic Memory, Fast Healing x2, Light Sleeper)

Melee: Unarmed 1 / 3
Defence Combat Mastery 2 / 20
Attack Combat Mastery 3 / 30

Combat Techniques 9/18 (Deflection, Hardboiled x2, Leap Attack, Lethal Blow, Lightning Reflexes x2, Two Weapons, Judge Opponent) // Brutal not included, treated as separate Weapon.

Secondary Weapon: Unarmed +3 / 3
Primary Weapon: Devil-Goddess Fist +6 / 11 (Deplete -4 (costs 2 EP), Quake 2, Accurate 1)

(Total 212 Points)


-Powerlifting (Improvised Weapons) 2 / 6
-Acrobatics (Reflexively) 3 / 9
-Medical (Myself) 2 / 4
-Swim (Rough Water) 2 / 2
-Stealth (Wilderness) 2 / 6
-Wilderness Survival (Forest) 3 / 3
-Wilderness Tracking (Forest) 3 / 3
-Climb (Trees) 2 / 4
-Animal Handling (Calming Down) 1 / 2
-Persuasion (Be Friends) 2 / 4
-Biological Sciences (Magitech) 5 / 5
-Performing Arts (Flute) 3 / 3
-Empathy (Victims) 2 / 4
-Intimidate (Strength) 1 / 2
-Domestic Arts (Pancakes) 1 / 1
-Integrity (Unyielding) 2 / 6
-Physical Sciences (Magitech) 5 / 5
(Total 69 Points)


Marked -1 (Serial number in the back of the neck)
Wanted -2 (Wanted for having escaped the science lab; agents hunt her)
Phobia -2 (Ghosts and Ghost Stories)
Less Capable (Soul, Minor): Lying -2 (Subtract 4 from rolls to lie)
Unique Defect: Antimagic Allergy -1
Easily Distracted -2

10 Points recovered

Point Totals:

465 Points Total, of which 0 are Unspent.


Gwen’s two signature abilities are her enormous superhuman strength, far beyond the capacity of a full-grown man despite her small stature – and her ability to adapt when damaged, becoming far stronger and more difficult to defeat after she’s taken a few hits. She also heals much faster than an ordinary human, and possesses a heightened sense of smell.

Gwendolen is short, lightweight and blond. She looks non-threatening, and is usually pretty cheerful and friendly. She never shuts up.

What Gwendolen Told Gehenna

Are you finished, little man? You think you know suffering, tested by your father, tempered in fire. He might have burned your body, but Siegg cut into my very soul. I was tortured for seven years, using methods you couldn’t even begin to understand. You know why I cling so hard to humanity? This is why. The jokes, the sarcasm, the modesty, the thin veneer of civilization – that’s me keeping control. This is what I am. This is what Siegg made me.

You’re afraid I can’t control my powers? I’m always in control. I’m a monster, a machine designed for killing. But I’ve overcome it. I’ve learned to be human, and humans can become anything. That is why we will win.

There is nothing more they can do to me.


Gwendolen hails from the completely ordinary village of Ruhenheim, where she had a normal, peaceful childhood for a little girl – until, at the early onset of puberty, she started developing superhuman strength. It was a natural mutation, an ability to channel Magi into her muscles, and had it been left untouched, perhaps she could have lived a relatively ordinary life.

It wasn’t left untouched, however. For reasons still unclear to her, Professor Siegg’s men kidnapped her and kept her in a laboratory for seven years, submitting her to horrific experiments seeking to heighten her natural abilities and turn her into something entirely inhuman: A biological, living weapon. Gwendolen became the thirteenth in the R-series, a super-weapon with devastating strength and resilience. Yet something happened – something that even the Professor didn’t anticipate.

Gwendolen retained her free will, somehow immune to the chemical processes designed to break her mind. When her captors were distracted, she escaped, killing everyone in the laboratory in the process. She lived for some time in the wilderness like an animal, trying to leave the past behind her – but the hideous experiments of Professor Siegg continued on other innocent people. Realizing that she was in a unique position to attempt to stop him, Gwendolen finally made her way to civilization in the lands of Baron Savage. It was there she met Gehenna, and her life as a renegade Living Weapon truly began.


Gehenna – A friend and trusted ally, Gwen considers Gehenna a bit odd but ultimately reliable. His inability to understand human culture often confuses her, though.

Ryana – Close friend and fellow Living Weapon, Gwendolen has a bit of a friendly rivalry with her. The relationship recently got complicated when Gwendolen developed feelings for Ryana that she can’t quite understand.

Leesa – While she knows that Gehenna is ultimately responsible for Leesa, Gwendolen likes her and tries to teach her how to live with her human side; something which Gehenna isn’t the best at. She knows that Gehenna and Leesa have a special bond, and rather envies him for it.

Sabin – Sabin is Gwendolens’ bitter rival. She considers him oafish, stupid and ultimately beneath her – but his loyalty to Siegg, even in the face of the Professor brainwashing his companion Serenity, fills her with hatred and loathing. She doesn’t outright want to kill him, though – part of her hopes he might still be saved.

Odine – Odine is Gwendolen’s geeky friend. They have little in common besides their interest for magitech and the study of Magi, but she enjoys having someone around that she can talk to about it.

Juutila Dawnshire – Juutila is a member of the Kardus, and loyal to the Emperor. Despite this, she and Gwendolen developed a friendship of sort during their brief time together. This friendship lead Juutila to turn her back on the Emperor – a decision which caused the Emperor to attack her, leaving Juutila in an unstable condition.


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