Jessica Kathric Lankesheer

Half-Esper daughter of Keith


Jessica has the ability to cancel out, or weaken, any Magi ability. She has also awakened her half-esper powers, which have as of yet only appeared as a reflection shield, or sorts.

Jessica has also been trained with the sword by her father, Keith. As well, some general trivia through their journeys across the world.

Jessica has a thaumarecorder that contains her sword, which is able to draw with lightning precision, possibly due to her Nullification powers.


Jessicas earliest memories is from traveling the country side, with her father Keith. While teaching her about the Kathric, the way of the sword, as well as general trivia about the places they visited.

During her travels, Jessica realized she had actual powers, unlike her father. Her power was, how ever, useless against Keith. Seeing as Jessicas powers is the power to cancel out other powers, and Keith doesn’t have powers.

This had led to a bit of inexperience in using her powers while fighting.

During her travels the sword her father had bought was shattered, when she was defending herself against some thugs. Her father returned in the last minute, to quickly clean up the thugs.

One of the bandits, that Jessica had defeated, how ever, had a sword that’s linked to a thaumarecorder. Normally how the link work is, that it’s both linked to the thaumarecorder and the person. How ever, Jessicas powers allows her to summon the blade as if it was her own.

Much later, when Jessica was about 16, the two of them where headed through the Savage Lands, following a lead regarding Siegg.

They where ambushed and, while defeating all of the thugs, both Keith and Jessica was severaly wounded. The Baron of Savage found the two, and gave them the best medical assistance possible. For this Keith, due to his Kathric honour, joined the Baron. Even though he was suspicious the Baron, due to the information regarding Siegg.

They discovered that Michael was in the area. But due to his Kathric honour, the two started fighting. This was very confusing for Jessica. Given the friendship between the two, and the fact that they where technically fighting for the same thing.

Keith left on his own, to continue his revenge towards Siegg. Jessica went after him, and met up with Gehenna and Gwendolen, and decided to join them.


Keith – Keith is the father of Jessica, how ever, due to what happened in the Land of Savage, their relationship has been damaged.

Michael – Jessica views the best friend of her father as an uncle. Michael was around during the early years, while they lived in Trakonia. But, she had barely seen him since they left for their journey, until they entered they met in the Lands of Savage.

Gehenna – As a half-esper, Jessica reveres Gehenna as her mentor and friend. But as far as human matters goes, she thinks Gehenna is a bit ignorant and arrogant. She does have great respect for Gehenna, even so.

Gwendolen – Jessica thinks Gwendolen can act a bit odd at times. But she envies Gwendolens stupid honesty.

Jessica Kathric Lankesheer

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