Keith Lankesheer

9th of Kardus, nicknamed "The Sword" for his swordskill.


Keiths abilities lies mostly with the blade. How ever, he is also very perceptive, reactive and nimble.

Keiths quick rise in sword skills, makes many believe that he has Magi backing it up, how ever this is as of yet unproven. Gehenna senses no Magi within him, for one.


Keith Lankesheer, born Keith Kathric, changed his name when he married Carlie Lankesheer. Who later has turned out to be an Esper. Keith figured it out at the time, but out of respect, never inquired further into the subject.

In his young days, Keith was weak and alone. Michael Tragent was one of few who even acknowledged him.

Michael returned many years later, to find a grand change in Keith. He had become a swords master unparallel to anyone.

Michael, a part of the Kardus, wanted Keith invited, because he would be impressive enough, even without Magi abilities.

How ever, the council later decided to invite Keith because his sword skill was too strong to ignore. Many of the Kardus still believe that Keith’s sword abilities are due to Magi. Whether they are or not is hard to determine.

Before Jessica was born, Keith and Carlie lived peacefully in a little village in northern Trakonia, called x.

The Kathric family is long since extinct, only Jessica and Keith are still around of them. They are driven by a sense of honour, where a Life Saved is a Life Owed.

Jessica Kathric Lankesheer is the daughter of Keith, who has chosen herself to take both names, even if she doesn’t quite understand the Kathric code of honour. Keith how ever, feels bound to the laws of the Kathric family, but he doesn’t feel that much pride about them.

In his travels, after Jessica joined Gehenna and Gwendolen, Keith found a sphere of Jessicas mothers powers. Unsealing Jessicas powers, even if she can’t quite use them just yet…


Gehenna & Gwendolen – Keith holds the heroes in high regard. How ever, he is a man of few words, and shows his respect by speaking, and listening, to them.

Michael – Michael is Keiths oldest, and best, friend. Even what happened in the land of savage, doesn’t seem to have even dented their friendship.

Jessica – As a father, Keith feels that he’s failed.

Espers – Keith appears to view the Espers differently then most mortals. They, in return, seem to view him as an equal.

Keith Lankesheer

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