Michael Tragent

7th of Kardus Michael Tragent


Michael’s skill with the lance is legend within the land of Trakonia, tales of the “Lancer”, the “Dragoon” and, simple, the “Lance” are all referred to his deeds.

As far as Magi goes, his original fire Magi has been weaponized, leaving it focused in enhancing his combat abilities.


Michael Tragent, born as a citizen of Trakonia.
Trained as a soldier, quickly rose the ranks due to his skill with a lance, as well as some pretty fancy fire Magi abilities.

Michael was one of the first experiments to the “Weapons”. Manipulating his fire Magi into nothing else but pure weaponization.

Michaels powers rose to such a height, that he was sought out by none other then the Dark Knight, Angela, 3rd of Kardus. Due to her position, Angela was unable to inform Michael fully of her affiliation, and Michael thought for the longest time that she had other interests for him. This lead them to become a couple, later down the road.

Having become a Kardus, Michael quickly sought out his old friend Keith Kathric. Whom had been raised in the same village as himself. Keith was always a loner, weakling but always very prideful. Keith had become quite strong with the blade, to Michael’s surprise, even better then he was with his lance.

Michael’s new family was broken down, explained better in the The Kardus section.

Michael and Angela lived together shortly after the showdown with Alexius. Michael started working as a guard in the Trakonian army, again. He was given special permission by the current leader King Raknor Steele. He was a normal city guard, having lost the will to do much else with his life other then to take care of the child that was on the way, and live with his wife.

How ever, Angela failed to come back after leaving for a trip, a few years after Alicia, their daughter, was born. Michael traveled within the country to try to find her, leaving Alicia for no more then a week at a time with Odine, a young half-esper who worked as a researcher in a Trakonian institute, that Michael and Angela often went to. Part of them felt a bit guilty for what they had done to his half brother, their leader.

When Alicia was old enough, Michael left for good, to search outside Trakonia. She went after him though.

Michael had tracked down a man named Siegg, whom he had good reason to believe had something to do with Angela’s disappearance.

The parent and the child reunited in the Land of Savage, where Michael ran into his old friend Keith, and Alicia, who was left in a village on the outside, got to know the little girl Leesa.

Michael now travels the world with Keith and Alicia, in order to find clues to Jessica’s powers, as well as anything they can scrape up regarding Siegg, Alexius and Diablos. The three fight alongside Gehenna and Gwendolen, but work elsewhere…


Gehenna & Gwendolen – Michael has deep respect for the heroes, and readily shares information with them.

Keith – Michaels oldest friend. Michael seems to hold no ill regards towards Keith, despite what happened in the land of Savage.

Espers – Espers seem to view Michael in the same regard as Keith, with an equality of respect. Micheal, on his part, how ever, still does acts with humlity, at least.

Michael Tragent

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