The Half-Esper scientist


Odine, unlike most other half-espers, doesn’t possess powers of elemental manipulation. Instead, the powers he inherited from his father revolve around information and intelligence – besides a brilliant mind, Odine possesses supernatural perception and heightened senses. He’s a savant with Magitech and works as a bit of a go-between between the heroes and the Espers.


Odine is the son of Odin. Like Gehenna, he was born and raised in an Esper Sanctum, and has acted the role of elder brother to the fiery young hero. Odine is fairly experienced with the world of mortals but spends most of his time in the small Sanctum in Trakonia City. He is a friend of King Raknor, and officially a citizen under his rule – although their relationship is more one of equals than one of lord and vassal.

Odine is on good terms with both Gwendolen and Gehenna, and he seems to have a cordial relationship with his father, although they seldom speak.


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