Living Weapon. Agent of Trakonia


Ryana is a Living Weapon of The R Series. Like all members of the series, she’s incredibly fast, strong, and tough; her signature ability, however, is her supernatural speed. Ryana can run much faster than a horse, and in combat her attacks come with surprising, unrelenting speed.

Besides her supernatural abilities, Ryana is a trained spy: She is excellent at stealth, infiltration, and creating disguises. She possesses natural charisma and good looks, and knows how to manipulate people if she has to.


Ryana was rescued from a laboratory by King Raknor, and serves him loyally. Somehow she was freed from the R-series brainwashing – whether it never fully took hold, or King Raknor knows of some secret means to reverse the process, is unclear. Regardless, the chemical brainwashing did have some impact on the woman: She remembers nothing of her former life.

Having been brought back to Trakonia almost literally a tabula rasa, Ryana devoted her life to serving King Raknor as an intelligence officer, as thanks for having been rescued from the inhuman conditions in the laboratory. She served him diligently for a few years, until – during an infiltration mission in the Land of Savage – she was attacked by Gwendolen and Gehenna, who soundly defeated her. She survived, but Baron von Savage was killed, effectively ending her mission. A few weeks later she would come to meet the two heroes again, this time in King Raknor’s castle. The King appointed her to help them on their mission to sniff out Siegg, whom Ryana had once pretended to work for.

Due to her abilities as an intelligence officer, and her powers as a Living Weapon, Ryana has been of great help to the heroes thus far. Most notably she defeated her former associate Fredrik in almost a single fell swoop during the infiltration of the laboratory in northern Trakonia.


Gwendolen – Due to their shared background as Living Weapons and subjects of Siegg, Gwendolen and Ryana are fairly close. Gwendolen enjoyed teasing and bullying Ryana, but recently that seems to have changed; what Ryana’s opinions are on this development is unclear.

Gehenna – Ryana regards him carefully, and hasn’t attempted to warm up the relationship. They have fought side by side for some time, but can hardly consider themselves friends.

King Raknor – Ryana owes her life to King Raknor. She owes him a debt of gratitude, and seems to have the deepest respect for the King of Trakonia.

Odine – Due to their longtime service to King Raknor, Ryana and Odine have known each other for some time. They are not close, but their shared service to Trakonia does give them a bond of sorts.


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