Huge, crude brawler.


Sabin is monstrously strong, even more than Gwendolen in terms of sheer physical power. He’s crude and direct in his fighting style, relying on his enhanced superstrength to dominate in a fight, but he has very little grace and finesse.


Sabin is a Living Weapon, a member of the R-series. Unlike most specimens, though, Sabin retains his free will – but voluntarily works for Professor Siegg, believing in the scientists’ mad vision of the future. Sabin has a bitter rivalry with Gwendolen, who has bested him twice in single combat. Little is known about Sabins’ background before he came to work for the Professor.

Died at the Academy, by Gwen.


Professor Siegg – Sabin is completely loyal to the Professor and his cause.

Sarasvati – His partner in crime, Sabin was recently separated from Sarasvati due to the machinations of the heroes. How much he actually cares for his Half-Esper companion is unclear.


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