The treacherous daughter of Shiva


Sarasvati is a Half-Esper, and possesses the ability manipulate the element of ice. She is very much like her mother Shiva: Cool, aloof, and disdainful. Unlike her mother, though, Sarasvati has betrayed the majority of the Espers and sides with Professor Siegg and Diablos.

Sarasvatis’ elemental powers have mostly been used to inflict harm.


Sarasvati is a bitter rival of Gehenna. They both grew up in the Esper Sanctums, but prior to Gehenna’s journeys in the mortal world, they had never met. They first came to know each other in Lifa Forest, and later did battle in the Arena in Coliseum in The Land of Fuuka.

Little is known about Sarasvatis’ relationships to the Espers and to other Half-Espers, but the relationship between her and her mother seems to be quite cold.


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