Professor Siegg

Genius megalomaniac scientist


Little is known about Siegg’s true abilities. It is clear that he is a genius in the field of magitech – perhaps the best scientist Terra has ever seen – and that he has imbued many of his minions (and intended minions) with supernatural powers ranging from minor mutations to infusions with the power of a true Esper. Whether or not he has experimented on himself is unknown.

Besides his scientific genius, Siegg is also – unfortunately – a skilled liar. He is excellent at manipulating people into unwittingly working for his cause.


Siegg’s background is unknown. It has become known that he was a council member of Trakonia, and later become the right-hand man to the Emperor. He is very old, and has probably spent a lifetime working out his grand plans and schemes, traveling between universities and laboratories all across Terra. When his plans first surfaced to our heroes, he was working for Baron von Savage in his laboratories. Siegg is morally bankrupt and has no qualms about experimenting on humans or even Espers. He has captured both the Espers Shiva and Siren, and additionally drained Alexander of much of his power.

Siegg’s laboratories are hidden all across Terra – some he set up himself during his long life, others he has taken over or infiltrated.

Our heroes later learned that Siegg was infact an esper, an Eidolon even. His name was Truth, and his sister Reconsiliation.

Siegg entered the land of Terra, with the express intention to teach these lesser creatures about Magi, as to not kill themselves. How ever, he saw the potential of man, that the others did not. Humans, these, so called, “lesser creatures”, had the potential to rise to a level even well above the Espers.

At first, he studied them as a teacher, simply teaching then about Magi, and see what happens. He grew impatient how ever, and started experimenting on them, to find out what their potential could actually bring.

The other Espers started to suspect their kinsman, how ever. His status “Truth”, held them off for a long time. As Truth itself could not lie, could he? But Truth did indeed learn to lie. His sister, Reconsiliation, was able to keep them off even longer. She did not know what he was doing, though in her heart, she had already realized.

Because of this, the two of them changed. Truth became Manipulation, and named himself Siegg. And Reconsiliation became Reflection, naming herself Carbuncle.

Siegg was clipped, by the other Eidolons, and Espers, he retain some of his power, how ever, he was given a human form, of which he was locked in. Having the power of the Espers, but trapped in a heap of flesh that can only handle a tiny part of it, was the most fitting punishment they could think of… It backfired how ever, Siegg relished in this development, though his body age and weaken, his Espers power would keep him alive, and due to the vow the Espers made after Sieggs doings, to never interfere with mankind again, a voew sworn in by Ramuh himself, making it unbreakable, Siegg could now work in peace…

Carbuncle for her, griefed with shame, and split loyalty… She could not turn from her brother, yet she could not betray the espers. She simply hid, never to be seen again…

Professor Siegg

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