The Emperor

The Fallen Paladin of Terra


The Emperor is the First of Kardus, and his abilities are truly terrifying. Aside from his incredible skill with a blade, and his abilities to manipulate shadow-magic, the Emperor is also a Half-Esper of Odin. He possesses supernatural perception, seems to be quite adept at reading people, and possesses near-immortality. Even four assembled members of the Kardus and their children could not kill him.

Recently, the Emperor has added new tricks to his repertoire. From the Dark Knight Angela, he learned to split his soul into shadow-clones, allowing him to be in multiple places at once and making him even harder to kill, for while a single shadow-clone lives, the Emperor is not truly dead. He also seemed to have learned an ability to travel instantly through shadow, but if this is an innate ability or just a power he has on loan from Diablos is not known.

The Emperor may have more aces up his sleeve besides these powers, but in most situations he has no need to rely on them. His unnatural strength, agility, and skill is usually more than enough.


Once a powerful Half-Esper Knight, son of Odin and leader of the Kardus, the Emperor once went by the name Alexius Bane. He was a stalwart hero and a skillful Magi-user, and with the guidance of Palom Zeromus he became the first recruit of the new Kardus, who would number ten. With Palom as his mentor, Alexius gathered a band of eight Knights of Magi, and led them in an endeavor to protect the world.

In the Magi Wars, it was Alexius and his nine companions that brought peace and stability to Terra once more, by defeating the assembled armies of power-hungry Magi users. The world united under the Kardus, and for the first time in human history, it looked like Magi would no longer run unchecked, with a council of ten Kardus overseeing the entire world. Unfortunately, something happened to Alexius after he was crowned Emperor.

Perhaps the power and responsibility was just too much to bear, turning him corrupted and power-hungry. Perhaps some dangerous sorcery he encountered in the Magi Wars twisted his mind, or indeed, perhaps he was tempted by the great power of the Espers. Whatever the case, Alexius soon began to veer from his old principles. Rather than being a Knight of Magi, the Emperor sought to become its master. He slew five of his companions, and it was only through the combined effort of four others – including his old master – that he was eventually defeated at Phoenix Mountains.

Yet the Emperor did not die. He returned from the Phoenix Mountains almost a century later; alas, in the time he had been sleeping, his Empire had crumbled. Though the Emperor possessed his strength, his powerful Magi abilities, and his near-immortality still, he had lost every scrap of political power as the Empire was long gone, replaced by smaller nations and kingdoms. The Emperor, it seemed, cared not. If his goal was to conquer Terra once more, doubtless he would move far less subtly – but he skulks in the shadows, kidnapping Magi-users, stealing priceless artifacts, and collaborating with the wretched Professor Siegg.

It has been theorized, that perhaps his ultimate goal is to storm the gates of Heaven itself, and leave behind his last remaining scraps of humanity to become a true Esper. Whether or not this is his goal, he is a threat to all that is good and sane in Terra; the world has not forgotten the terrors it suffered under his reign.


Odin is Alexius’ father. This mighty Esper is very silent about how he feels about his sons’ rebellion, though indeed, Odin rarely speaks at all. Doubtless he shuns his son now; if he still feels some loyalty to Alexius, the world might very well be doomed. What the Emperor himself feels about his estranged father, is unclear.

Professor Siegg appears to be working with the Emperor, though their exact relationship is a little vague. Perhaps their plans are only tangentially related, or perhaps the Emperor needs Siegg’s research to bring his plans to fruition.
It has later become known that Siegg worked as the Emperor’s right hand man, and corrupted him behind the scenes.

Odine is Alexius’ half-brother; they are both sons of Odin. Odine is perhaps the one with the most insight in the Emperors’ plans, thanks to his unique abilities. Alexius himself has, so far, not even deigned to acknowledge his little brother.

The Emperor

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