The First son of Ifrit


Very little is know to our heroes about Zochaan. A Guardian of Mount Gulag and first son of Ifrit. Regardless whether or not “first” refers to his position of being the strongest, or simply Ifrit’s first born son, it is clear that he is a powerful Half-Esper several centuries old, having tested the worthiness of his younger siblings through harsh trails of fire within the depths of Mount Gulag for countless years. A task given to him by his father as punishment for rebelling against him, binding Zochaan to the mountain until the time came a sibling strong enough to pass his trials would set him free.

After Gehenna completed his trials, he gave Zochaan the Heart of Fire, tasking him to protect the stone and to leave the mountain and help fight their enemies.
Zochaan was only too happy to oblige.


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