Tag: Fire


  • The Heart of Fire

    The Heart of the Mountain was created by the Esper [[Ifrit]], who imbued it with Magi. It was placed deep inside [[Mount Gulag]], to be retrieved from there only by a Scion of Ifrit. Gehenna eventually defeated its guardian and obtained the stone, which …

  • Ifrit

    Ifrit is an imposing Esper, taking the form of a great leonine man with a massive mane. His domain is fire and flame, and he is domineering and powerful. Ifrit dwells in the Sanctum of [[Pandemonium]], somewhere far to the south.

  • Gehenna

    Gehenna is the child of "Ifrit":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/the-esper-saga/wikis/ifrit, Eidolon of Fire. That is what he is, and how he identifies himself in the great scheme of things. Having grown up in Pandemonium, the great Sanctum at …