Leaders of the World

King Raknor I of Trakonia is the King of Trakonia. A well-respected monarch and great leader, he holds the loyalty of Odine and Ryana, and by extension, he commands some respect with Gwendolen and Gehenna. In addition, King Raknor is a friend of The Kardus, or at least, the two remaining members.

Emperor Nagi rules the Land of Fuuka. Although arrogantly claiming to be an Emperor despite the small size of his nation, Nagi has previously aided the Kardus and seems to be opposed to the Empire of old.

Tendaro is Chieftain of the Wolf-Men in Cicaro Village. He was keeper of the powerful artifact known as The Eye of Ra, before The Emperor attacked Cicaro Village.

Baron Savage was the ruler of the Land of Savage and sponsored Professor Siegg’s experiments. He is now dead, however – Gwendolen broke his neck.

Leaders of the World

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