Return of the Kardus

As the old Kardus members have once more returned to Terra, it is up to our heroes to either defeat them or convert them to their cause. The current status of the Kardus members is listed below. A red listing indicates an enemy, while a blue listing indicates a trusted ally. Purple denotes a potential ally. Unknown members are listed in black.

1st of Kardus, The Emperor, Alexius Bane. Allied with Professor Siegg. Known powers: Nearly limitless. Alexius Bane is effectively a god, but his most prolific tool is his ability to create shadow-clones.

2nd of Kardus, “The Mind Bender” Reginald. Mind Powers, strained to control, can always sense everyones minds. Killed Tobias, a member of the R series.

3rd of Kardus, “The Dark Knight” Angela Tragent-Rexton. Daughter of Diablos, flexible power, Shadow Clones, Shadow Split(Sword special power, Penetration), Shadow Armor(Empowers Armor).

4th of Kardus, “The Professor, Tellah” Palom Zeromus. Deceased.

5th of Kardus, “The Berserker” Medina. Axe Master, lightning Magi, semi-flexible. Apparently male.

6th of Kardus, “The Iron Fist” Tony. Martial Artist, Magi Resistance, Iron Clad Fists. Deceased.

7th of Kardus, “The Fiery Lance”, Michael Tragent. Fire Magi, None-Flexible, can be turned on or off to empower Lance.

8th of Kardus, “The White Death”, Juutila Dawnshire. Poison Master, unflexible powers hence her name.

9th of Kardus, “The Blade”, Keith Lankesheer. No magi, extremaly skilled with the blade.

10th of Kardus, “The Sword Bender”, Elizabeth Weir. Weapon-extention mastery, very flexible. Deceased.

Return of the Kardus

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