The Kardus

In ancient times, when the knowledge of Magi was young, there where reckless and strong individuals who wrecked havoc throughout the lands. It was decided that a group would be created, to protect the integrity of the Magi, and make sure that the chaotic, greedy Magi that was appearing would get a safety net.

Due to the times, the original mission was to observe and eliminate or recruit. Later it was changed to observe, and recruit or train. Eliminate became rarer and rarer, but it was still required every so often.

When the group was first formed they where only Five.

The first Kardus, called only “the Kardus”. She was a half-esper, daughter of Odin. Since the half-espers are usually brought up by their esper parent, a half-esper was the perfect choice to start out the Kardus with.

As the years passed by the Kardus grew. In the second age, they numbered 20.

During the first Great War, all the Kardus was eliminated, except the 4th of Kardus Palom “Tellah” Zeromus.

Shortly after, Palom met Alexius. A natural leader, and a half-esper, son of Odin. A group of 10 was rebuilt with the help of Alexius.

The Kardus from that time are as follows:

1st of Kardus,
“The Paladin/The Emperor/The Death Knight” Alexius
(Son of Odin, the power to split personality, in order to mindcontrol. Ability to expand powers)

2nd of Kardus,
“The Mind Bender” Reginald
(Mind Powers, strained to control, can always sense everyones minds)

3rd of Kardus,
“The Dark Knight” Angela Tragent-Rexton
(Daughter of Diablos, flexible power, Shadow Clones, Shadow Split(Sword special power, Penetration), Shadow Armor(Empowers Armor))

4th of Kardus,
“The Proffessor, Tellah” Palom Zeromus
(Talented in allmost all of the Elemental Schools, very flexible powers)

5th of Kardus,
“The Berserker” Medina
(Axe Master, lightning Magi, semi-flexible)

6th of Kardus,
“The Iron Fist” Tony
(Martial Artist, Magi Resistance, Iron Clad Fists(Magi Gathered in the fists to create allmost weapon like functions, as far as parrying and attacking goes))

7th of Kardus,
“The Fiery Lance”
Michael Tragent
(Fire Magi, None-Flexible, can be turned on or off to empower Lance)

8th of Kardus,
“The White Death” Juutila Dawnshire
(Poison Master, unflexible powers hence her name)

9th of Kardus,
“The Blade” Keith Lankesheer
(No magi, extremaly skilled with the Blade)

10th of Kardus,
“The Sword Bender” Elizabeth Weir
(Weapon-extention mastery, very flexible)

When the second Great War broke out in it’s fullest, Alexius decided to go against it. Keith, Michael, Palom and Angela joined him.

Afterwards Alexius was appointed the leader of the newly formed council. But due to getting more and more power, even he got corrupted. The Emperor had been corrupted by Siegg, who was his right hand man in the Council.

And after a while his previous companions started noticing that he had become corrupted. Keith and Micheal tried to confront the Emperor, as his new title had become. After failing to change the Emperor. Alexius visited the other Kardus, and eliminated them one by one.

Until only the Four who stood with him to stop the second Great War, was left. Along with their children.

They decided to be the ones to attack him. Micheal lured him to the valley of the Phoenix. The others was waiting for them to strike.

The battle itself took the lives of the children, and all the Kardus where lethally wounded. It was only won through the persistance of Micheal and Keith, along with Angelas shadow clones. But ultimatily it would have been impossible if not for the Eidolon Pheonix letting himself being absorbed by Palom, to weaken the Emperor.

Stories say that something happened to the 10 Kardus of those times, to make them immortal. This was why the Pheonix Mountains where an important place. How ever, many say that what happened in the Phoenix valley was the cause.

The Legendary Five is, to this date talked about, and while people no longer knows of the Kardus, their stories live on.

It is said that Micheal and Keith survived the battle, but neither has been seen since…

This was the one secret that the king Trakonia ever kept from his people. As he took in the fallen heroes, and helped them recover.

Micheal settled down as a guard with his family, somewhere. Michael still holds to his Kardus honour, but even more so, the order which was given by Alexius to clear the world of corruption. The order that caused the Kardus to nearly split up.

And Keith was wandering the world, it has been said that he settled down with in a village, and made a family. Keith has essentially left the Kardus, and abandoned Alexius’ words, he thought of himself only as a sword, until he met Carlie and had Jessica. Due to the sadness surrounding Jessicas birth, he now lives only for revenge.

Palom lived in Trakonia, and worked as a guide and teacher, feeling that he required to pay back his debt to the king. Due to the hefty price at the Pheonix Mountain, Palom has long since discarded the will to fight.

Angela still travels the world in search for new prospects for the Kardus, having given up the title herself, she now sees herself as a teacher, for those with the potential to become Kardus. Angela lived for a time with Micheal. Michael tried to make her settle down, as she still blamed herself for what had happened to the children. She stilled traveled in the surrounding area, but mostly stayed home. And after some time, finally succeeded. After their daughter, Elena was born, she disappeared.

Angela found out about the other Kardus, who had been hidden by the Emperor… Alexius used his corrupted power, along with his abilities, to make it seem as if they where gone. Angela found out, because she “accidently” tracked down Elisabeth…

Alexius, in his last moments of sanity, had not killed the Kardus, as instructed, he had hidden them. Siegg had found out. Alexius managed to spin the tale that they where too valuble to kill. Alexius managed to shield his plan even for himself. For he wished to perish, when the other failed how ever… He knew that the other Kardus would still be able to do something, when he was re-awakened…

The Kardus

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