Trakonia is a land far to the north, near the perpetual winter of the northern mountains. It is a harsh and peculiar land, where it sometimes snow but never rains – for the Esper Leviathan blessed the land with many natural springs, and made it so that the land would not need rainfall to sustain itself. Water springs from the ground or runs in rivers from the mountains.

Trakonia is culturally and technologically advanced. It is a monarchy, ruled by King Raknor I, and magitech in the area is quite advanced, although the people themselves are rarely blessed with the power of Magi. Their town guard employs anti-Magi fields and anti-Magi collars, and their cities are equipped with many wondrous devices. Because of Leviathan’s blessings, the land is filled with natural hot springs, a boon against the bitter cold of the land.

Trakonia is very large in terms of surface area, but sparsely populated. Trains interconnect its many cities, and its infrastructure is built almost entirely around the railroads. Besides the railroads, there are also plenty of laboratories and institutes of science in the land, though the people handle Magi fairly responsibly compared to many other nations.

The Esper Shiva has her Sanctum in the northern parts of the country, in the vast, snowy mountains that mark the northern edge of the world.

The capitol of Trakonia is called Trakonia City. The kingdom also contains the small towns of Trakor and Drantak.


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