The Empire

After The Magi War, the world was united, for the first time since the beginning of time. Under the leadership of Alexius Bane, the world prospered in unizon.

How ever, greed was still to be found in every corner of the world. People who had power, wanted more power. And thus it was decided that their parliment leader, Alexius, would get more voting power.

At first he became the chancellor, making his vote count twice.

How ever, it was shown that this was not enough. Greed still found a way around Alexius’ votes. He eventually became the Emperor. And, for a time, the land prospered once more in unizon. The Kardus where scattered throughout, not needing to fear other nations wrath. Looking for Magi potentials and threats.

Greed, however, is not an enemy easily overcome. The members of Kardus fell, one by one. The survivors confronted Alexius, saying that the world has gone mad once more. This caused greed to show it’s true face. Alexius banned the survivors from their duties, and from the Empire.

Realizing that the greed was now in their beloved leader, the survivors, lead by his old mentor, Palom “Tellah” Zeromus, started to take action against the Emperor.

With heavy casualities, as well difficulty in dealing with the entire Emperical army, the Kardus where forced to retreat, to regroup.

A plan was deviced, to rob the Emperor of the two things that stood in the Kardus’ way, his army and his newly found immortality. At the Phoenix Mountain, would be where the final battle where to take place.

It was a bitter sweet victory. Even with the four surviving Kardus, along with their children, as well as the Esper Eidolon Phoenix himself, they where only able to weaken the Emperor enough for the other Espers to seal him within the mountain. The losses where great, the children of the Kardus had fallen, Palom had become irreperably damaged from fusing with Phoenix. And the remaining Kardus where badly wounded.

It was, how ever, the end of the Empire… The world was thrown into chaos, the age to come is yet to be named…

The Empire

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