The First Age

The First Age is the first recorded age of man. At the dawn of the First Age, mankind was ignorant and simple, knowing nothing about the powers of Magi. They lived simple lives, unable to shape their surroundings more than with plow and ax – in this distant, early age, there were no great kingdoms or mighty empires, no powerful sorcerers or legendary heroes; there were simply people, tending their lands with simple tools of bronze and wood, waging petty wars with spears and clubs.

All this changed when the Espers arrived. They saw that mankind was wise, with great untapped potential – and so, they took human forms, descending to dwell among the mortals, teaching them about Magi and the ways of the world. They shaped human society, and in return, they were changed by human worship. The Espers mingled with the humans, and the first of the Half-Espers were born.

Soon, however, it became clear that humans were not ready to wield the power of Magi, at least not yet. A few among the human herd began to abuse their power, using it to defeat and enslave their fellow man; others were driven mad by their powers, and became avatars of chaos and destruction. The Espers vowed not to interfere in human affairs again, fearing that they might only make the problem worse – and so, a group of powerful mortals was assembled, known as The Kardus. These individuals would hunt down and contain rogue Magi-users, and stop them before they could become a threat to their surroundings.

Alas, the Kardus could not keep peace forever. In time, tribes became city-states; city-states became kingdoms; kingdoms became empires, and eventually, those empires went to war. This was known as the first Great War, or – named after the heroes who tried to stop it – The Kardus War.

The First Age

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