The Reconstruction

After the Fall of The Empire, the Kardus were splintered, weakened, and broken. Five of them were dead; Alexius was bound beneath Phoenix Mountains, and Palom had been irrevocably damaged, his body slowly decaying due to an overload of Esper Magi. In addition, many of the Kardus’ children had been slain.

The world was falling apart. During the Empire, the use of Magi had been heavily restricted, and now that the reign of the Kardus was over there was nobody to teach or guide the savants of the world; humans knew less of Magi than they had since the early First Age. The Kardus fell apart, unable to cope with Alexius’ betrayal and the death of their children. The tragedy drove a wedge between Michael and Angela, and their marriage came to a bitter end; Palom retired from life as a mage, and Keith disappeared entirely, walking the earth like a rogue swordsman.

Little by little, the world began to rebuild. Nations emerged where previously there had only been tributaries of the Empire. Some were rebuilt, like Trakonia and the glorious Land of Fuuka, while others emerged anew, like the tyrant state led by the Baron von Savage in The Savage Land. Soon, the world forgot that the Kardus had ever existed, and the Empire became little more than a note in the history books. Technologies were slowly reinvented and rediscovered, and Terra seemed a far cry from the chaotic, wild Magi-infused world of the First Age…

…but alas, The Emperor was not dead, nor were his ambitions.

The Reconstruction

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